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Acupuncture Therapy

Your first acupuncture session lasts about 90 minutes and includes a thorough evaluation of your health history, classical Chinese diagnosis, pulse and tongue diagnosis, and a treatment.

Each subsequent treatment lasts 60-75 minutes.

Acupuncture utilizes single-use, flexible, sterilized, disposable, stainless steel needles that are very thin, approximately the thickness of two human hairs. You may experience various sensations during treatments, which can range from a dull ache to a tingling sensation and they usually subside quickly.

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The usual response from a treatment is a sense of relaxation, with many people falling asleep during a session.

Our acupuncturists have provided over 22,000 individualized acupuncture treatments to date, working with a diverse age of patients from toddlers to seniors. If you want to find an experienced acupuncturist in Vermont, look no further than Jade Mountain Wellness in Burlington.

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