Reviews of  Jade Mountain Wellness

While I was aware of acupuncture and its ability to aid in healing, it was something I had never experienced until recently. Serendipity lead me to Liz at a time when my body was broken from years of built up disordered eating, exhaustion, extremely high levels of stress and anxiety, and a heavy intake of caffeine. After four weeks of weekly treatments, Liz’s pinpointing the major issues and one herbal formula, my health has seemed to reappear overnight. I have cut my coffee intake significantly, am eating normally and healthy, my hunger has returned and I feel unburdened by stress that has weighed on me since a divorce six years ago. I feel lighter, healthier and stronger, feel the presence and awareness of my body, and a quiet stillness within me that has halted negative thought patterns. I could never have imagined the profound healing that has taken place in a month, considering the year and a half of therapy wasn’t touching these places. I am eternally grateful to have stumbled into Liz and Jade Mountain Wellness.

Bonnie Schlegel
Artist and single-mother
Shelburne, VT

“I’ve been to many, many acupuncturists and herbalist over the decade and a half and I’ve never received any treatment even close to the treatments that Brendan provides. There is so much that sets Jade Mountain Wellness apart from other practitioners that I’ve been to. The acupuncture is better, the herbs are better, but its really the deep concern, care, and education that they provide, coupled with such technical skill, that makes me their number one fan. If you already love Chinese medicine, go see Liz and Brendan. If you’re a non-believer, then you most definitely should go see Liz and Brendan.

Ryan Wade
Winooski, VT

Compassionate, comprehensive and collaborative are three words to describe working with Jade Mountain Wellness.  Both Liz and Brendan have so much experience to draw from and demonstrate an ability to work with other providers including western medicine.  Their technique is gentle and approach truly collaborative and no-judgmental. The combination of herbs and acupuncture has really made a difference for me.

Laurinda Solomon
Registered Nurse, Shiatsu practitioner,
Williston, VT

My wife and I are ecstatic to recommend Brendan at Jade Mt Wellness.  We have seen dramatic improvements with our young daughter thanks to Brendan.  He patiently listened and was able to take random, disparate pieces of information about our daughter and piece them together to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  He knew things about her (based on the diagnosis) that he would never  have been able to know otherwise.  With Brendan’s help, our daughter has been emotionally and physically healthier and a much happier little girl.  We are so thankful!

Ryan & Sara Farrell,
Jericho, VT

I’ve used Chinese Medicine as my primary form of preventative medical care for the past 25 years. Over this time, including working with practitioners in Taiwan and China, I found Brendan Kelly to be the most astute and sensitive Chinese physician that I’ve worked with. His understanding of theory and ability to teach others led me to invite him a number of times to my graduate classes. Vermont is indeed fortunate to have such skilled practitioners and teachers as Brendan and Liz.

Dr, John Christopher, Ph.D.
Professor of Counseling Psychology, Montana State University
Bozeman, MT

When I first visited Liz for acupuncture, I was working a 60 hour week and traveling 4 nights a week, and was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroid/Graves disease. This condition was obviously enhanced by overwork, stress and lack of balance in my life. Liz helped to enlighten, educate and bring a new level of awareness with the aid of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. With Liz’s unique warm and friendly atmosphere, I longed for my weekly session. After 12 months of treatment, my disrupted sleep shifted into sound solid sleep, my palpitations dissipated, I no longer pushed my stress levels at work and for the first time in 15 years I choose not to work on the weekends while still achieving the same results, Today I am medication free, have increased energy levels like I had 10 years ago and at the age of 42 had my first baby, a very health daughter.
If it weren’t for Liz’s professional and educated approach, my health and balance in life would not be where it is today!

Michelle Veitch
Business/Sales Coach

When I first walked into Brendan Kelly’s practice I had no idea how
much my life was going to change for the better. I had worked with
other acupuncturists before and I never really felt that much
different or any better. It became quickly apparent to me that Brendan
was not like any other acupuncturist that I had seen previously.
Immediately, I began to feel much better. As the heat excess that had
been destroying my physical and mental health began to subside I began
to feel so much better! Brendan’s guidance and expertise regarding my
nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle combined with the acupuncture have
proven to be absolutely invaluable. Eighteen months later, I am a
totally different person. I am much closer to the person I have always
wanted to be. I no longer take anti-anxiety medication, my
relationship with my wife is the best it has ever been, I sleep
better, I have become more patient, and even my business has
benefited. There is not one single aspect of my life that has not
improved in the last 18 months. Thank you Brendan!

Chris Ross,
Postural Alignment Specialist and Fitness Instructor
Owner, Fluid Motion
Bozeman, Montana

When I started seeing Brendan for acupuncture, I was so burned out from graduate school that I could not envision how I could work a full-time job again. The treatments, supplemented by customized herbal formulations, revived me so that after 5 months, I took on a more-than-full-time job as a university professor. Continuing to see Brendan allowed me to keep up with the brisk pace of work and to deal with its emotional challenges. Something I appreciated greatly was the counseling aspect Brendan brings to his practice. Each session started with a question about how I was doing and not only did he listen, he used it to create an effective treatment, and helped me gain a new perspective on situations. I miss Brendan in MT but am happy you have the chance to experience this wonderful healer.

Dr. Mary Leonard, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Department of Education
Montana State University

I initially came to see Liz Geran for acupuncture and herbs because I felt ‘burned out’ and had very little energy. Liz was not only able to help me restore physical balance in my body and increase my qi, her treatments were also very supportive on an emotional and spiritual level. She is an extremely skilled practitioner and treats the full person at a very deep level. I found my experience with her to be an integral part of my growth as a person. The acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas not only treated my specific health issues, but also supported me in making the changes I needed to create more balance in my life.

Chelle Terwilliger
Missoula, MT

What makes Brendan’s work especially transformative is that he listens deeply to his patients. You know when you land in his office you will be heard and thus well cared for.  Vermont is lucky to now have Brendan Kelly.

Dr Deidre Combs, PhD
Adjunct professor at Montana State University and author
Owner of Combs and Associates
Bozeman, MT

I received treatment from Liz Geran for over a year and a half, and during this time I felt calmer, more balanced and happier. I suffered from chronic headaches and lower back pain and within the first few treatments I noticed a significant difference and over time my pain was gone. Liz is a highly skilled acupuncturist and a gifted healer.

Ashley Erickson
Massage Therapist
Bozeman, MT

Brendan Kelly has always been very attentive, kind and compassionate when treating me for the past three years. He took time to see me as a whole person and to evaluate my physical, spiritual and mental well being when seeing him for treatment.   It was very supportive, informative and comfortable for me to work with Brendan.  Also, I feel that Five Element acupuncture and medicine was the perfect path for me while trying to achieve better balance and health.  I am very sad that he no longer practices in Montana and that Vermont is so far away.  I hope folks in Burlington soon recognize what a treasure has come their way.

Kristi Lindsey
Massage Therapist
Bozeman, MT

Liz was very helpful to me when I was going through a very stressful period in my life. I’d come to my appointment practically rigid with stress and would leave unable to even remember what stress felt like. The effect lasted several days. My sleep also improved.

Marcy Hermansader
Putney, VT

Brendan’s classical techniques were more than a career saver for me. He mentored and opened new doors for me.  I am a massage therapist and owner of a spa. One morning both my hands gave out, and after trying western techniques, Classical Chinese Medicine not only got me back to work but also had an effect far greater than I originally thought possible. It changed the way I operated my business, and through education and Brendan’s very simple Zen-like teaching during our sessions he has show me how to study and apply Chinese medical theory. I incorporate it everyday into my life and services. Four years later I am still consistently studying and expanding my practice, and I continue to use acupuncture for preventative healthcare.

Jackie Rager
Owner OZssage Massage and Spa, massage therapist, teacher
Big Sky, MT

I have been seeing Liz for two plus years.   When I first came to her I was impressed by her ability to be very patient with me as I expressed my health concerns.   She is definitely a good listener and very caring.  I sought out acupuncture because I wanted to be treated using the most natural methods available and not do prescription drugs.   I now have more energy and feel balanced internally.   Acupuncture and herbs are my choice for caring for my health now and in the future.
Thank You!

Doris Carrillo-Dunn
Bozeman, MT

When Brendan Kelly had his acupuncture practice in Putney, Vermont I was privileged to be a client of his. Having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s syndrome I found myself with much inflammation in my system, particularly my hands. Sjogren’s is a drying out of the mucous membranes in the body and I was having trouble with dry eyes and dry throat. The acupuncture treatments Brendan provided me were of enormous help with the inflammation and the dryness. Needless to say these two conditions contributed to a certain level of depression and I found acupuncture to also address that situation. I highly recommend Brendan. He is a gifted and sensitive practitioner of the art of acupuncture. If you are challenged with Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and the depression that goes with those illnesses Brendan is your man.

Eva Mondon
Putney, VT

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