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Lyme Disease and Climate Change: Internal Inflammation and Global Warming~ Thursday, June 14, 7-8pm

Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, Gainesville, FL

Free and open to the public

Using the lens of Chinese medicine, Brendan Kelly, herbalist and author of “The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis,” will discuss how the warming of our planet mirrors a similar overheating within us and within our culture. Supported by research from his book, Brendan will present how the progression of Lyme disease mirrors the progression of climate change and how Lyme is very much a condition of our times. It is his belief that understanding the progression of the disease is essential to not only treating symptoms but also promoting health. Brendan will also explain treatment methods, including acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle to treat the numerous symptoms associated with Lyme.

Copies of the author’s book will be available.

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