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Herbal Medicine in Burlington

We provide customized eastern and western herbal formulas in easy-to-use tincture and powder form. We have prescribed over 10,000 herbal medicine formulas to date to a diversity of patients. We maintain a full Chinese herbal pharmacy of over 325 individual single herbs and about 80 western herbal extracts. Herbal medicine is particularly effective when formulated for each individual and the specific causes of each symptom as well as the underlying root issues. Many individual herbs and herbal formulas have been used continuously for several thousand years, with written references dating back as far as 3000 to 5000 years in the western and Chinese herbal traditions respectively.

There is no additional cost for the time to formulate herbal prescriptions with acupuncture appointments. The time for an initial herbal consultation (without acupuncture) is 60 minutes, with each subsequent follow-up being 30-45 minutes.

Herbal medicine can be combined with acupuncture or non-needle treatments, or can be used on its own.

Photographer: Bonnie Schlegel

Photographer: Bonnie Schlegel

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